Senior Accounting Manager Resume Examples in 2023 - (2023)

Senior Accounting Manager Resume Examples

Years of Experience
  • Entry-levelEntry-level
  • Mid-careerMid-career
  • Senior-levelSenior-level

Veronica Paladino
(502) 100-1000 | [emailprotected] | 121 Fourth Street, Louisville, KY 40206


Senior Accounting Manager with 3+ years’ experience. Skilled at guiding complex projects, empowering team members, and honing department procedures.

Key Skills

  • Data Gathering & Analysis
  • ERP System Integration
  • Process Redesign & Improvement
  • Reporting & Documentation
  • Team Leadership & Motivation

Professional Experience

First Alliance Accounting, Louisville, KY | June 2014 to Present

Senior Accounting Manager (June 2019 to Present)

  • Oversee corporate reporting functions and general ledger month-end, quarter-end, and year-end close processes
  • Manage AP process for 3 ledgers, and reconcile all intercompany general ledger accounts monthly
  • Prepare and file state sales and use tax returns
  • Help corporate controller review internal controls for internal and external audit groups


  • Devised and delivered a training program to meet the needs of employees and conducted supportive staff appraisals, increasing retention by 75% in 3 years

Accounting Manager (June 2014 to June 2019)

  • Helped prepare and review consolidated financial statements
  • Served as liaison between financial reporting systems users and IT managers
  • Identified key metrics, modeled financial scenarios, and presented findings to upper management
  • Helped convert accounting software from OpenAir and Softrax to Oracle ERP Cloud R13
  • Led and mentored 2 staff accountants


Bachelor of Business Administration – Accountancy, University of Louisville, KY | 2014

Zoey Logan
(123) 456-7890 | [emailprotected] | 123 Main Street, Miami, FL 12345


Collaborative Senior Accounting Manager with 5+ years of experience. Lead and coordinate with teams to consistently achieve project goals and deadlines. Master of Business Administration.

Professional Experience

Senior Accounting Manager, ABC Corporation, Miami, FL | September 2017 to Present

  • Lead a team of 15 accounting specialists responsible for payroll, financial reports, and accounts receivable
  • Analyze and present monthly and quarterly financials to executive team
  • Ensure company financials comply with state and federal laws
  • Prepare all documentation required for annual external audits
  • Present budget forecasts to senior management
  • Maintain all accounting ledgers


  • Spearheaded a project to analyze company’s financial processes, generating improvements that raised accuracy by 65% and productivity by 43% as the business scaled up

Assistant Accounting Manager, Imagination Retail, Miami, FL | June 2012 to August 2017

  • Checked the work of 4 accounting specialists and reported any discrepancies to the senior accounting manager
  • Helped create financial reports for senior management
  • Performed research on operational data and financial results


  • Helped improve accounting procedures and reduce discrepancies by 76% in 2 years


The University of Miami, FL

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Key Skills

  • Budgeting & Cost Accounting
  • Cost Reduction & Elimination
  • Data Gathering & Analysis
  • Financial Auditing
  • Task Prioritization
  • Team Leadership & Motivation
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Mamie Fowler
(234) 567-8901 | [emailprotected] | 543 Main Avenue, San Diego, CA 21098


Senior Accountancy Manager with 11+ years of experience in the life sciences sector. Confident leader who trains, mentors, and motivates team members to realize their potential. Recent highlights include developing new policies and procedures to reduce discrepancies by 65% and raise productivity by 43% in 2 years.

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Professional Experience

Senior Accounting Manager, BioNano Genomics, San Diego, CA | September 2011 to Present

  • Oversee and coach a team of 15 accountants to prepare routine journal entries and review reconciliations
  • Help HR interview, select, and onboard new accountant hires
  • Coordinate internal audits and facilitate all requests from external auditors promptly and accurately
  • Developed new accounting policies and procedures, reducing discrepancies by 65% and raising productivity by 43% in 2 years

Financial Accountant, One Medical, San Diego, CA | July 2009 to September 2011

  • Helped senior accountants reconcile accounts
  • Analyzed financial data to suggest new process improvements


  • Oriented and mentored 3 new hires in 2010

Education & Certification

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

  • Master of Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting

Certified Public Accountant

Key Skills

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Financial Reporting
  • Internal & External Audits
  • International Accountancy
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Task Prioritization
  • Team Leadership & Motivation

Tips for Writing a Better Senior Accounting Manager Resume

Show how you blend leadership and accounting skills

What is your approach to leading and motivating teams? And how do you help ensure a company’s financial health and security? By giving answers to these questions in your Profile, you can express your role’s important dual nature.


Senior Accountancy Manager with 11+ years of experience in the life sciences sector. Confident leader who trains, mentors, and motivates team members to realize their potential. Recent highlights include developing new policies and procedures to reduce discrepancies by 65% and raise productivity by 43% in 2 years.

Keep your format clean and simple

For finance professionals, a conservative resume format is usually best. Use color sparingly, if at all. Try a traditional serif font like Century or Cambria for your body text and a clean sans serif font like Calibri for your subject headings. Avoid fancier Microsoft Word format options like WordArt, Tables, and Text Boxes (which can muck up ATS anyway).

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This conservative approach is well-suited to your field, but it’s also often the best way to display your career information. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Streamline how you show multiple credentials

When citing a college degree, certification, or other credential, it’s best to list the information in this order:

Degree or Credential Name, Issuing School or Organization, City, ST

But what if you have multiple degrees from the same college or multiple training courses from the same program? Following the above format causes you to list the same organization and location info multiple times, as in:

Master of Business Administration, The University of Miami, FL

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, The University of Miami, FL

The effect can become tedious and distracting to the hiring manager, especially in cases where you completed many courses at the same training program.

There’s a better way. List the organization and location info first, once. Then indent the multiple items underneath, so the reader sees they came from the same place:

The University of Miami, FL

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
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Common Key Skills for Senior Accounting Manager Resumes

Accounting managers have a unique combination of hard and soft skills. You can emphasize this trait by adding a keyword-rich “Skills” or “Expertise” section to your resume (as in the examples above). Here are some common keywords and skills for senior accounting managers:

Key Skills & Proficiencies
Account AnalysisConcurrent Project Management
Cost Reduction & EliminationCross-Functional Collaboration
Financial ReportingInternal Auditing
Regulatory Compliance Risk Management & Mitigation
SOX Compliance Staff Training & Development
Task PrioritizationTax Return Preparation
Team Leadership & Motivation

Common Action Verbs for Senior Accounting Manager Resumes

You can further show your broad skill set by varying the verbs that start each bullet point in your Experience section. The list below will help you brainstorm and capture the many ways you’ve helped your company:

Action Verbs
Combine Create
Mentor Motivate

How to Align Your Resume With a Job Posting

One thing that’s unique to each job posting is the description of the hiring firm. You can enhance your resume by tailoring it based on any details about the firm that resonate with you. Follow these four steps:

Step 1: Jot down a few notes on the type of work environment you like best. For instance, you may prefer an environment that’s:

  • Client-focused
  • Collaborative
  • Forward-looking
  • Process-oriented
  • Quality-focused

Step 2: When you find a job posting that intrigues you, look for any details about the hiring firm or its work culture.

Step 3: Compare those details against your preferred work environment, and highlight any overlap.

Step 4: Add a line or two to your Profile emphasizing that similarity. For example, say you prefer a work environment that’s client-focused and you find a posting that says “We are an organization that places customer satisfaction at the center of every decision”. You can then add a Profile line such as:

  • “Thrive in customer-focused work environments.”
  • “Committed to helping build lucrative, long-term relationships with customers.”
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This simple exercise can make your resume more accurately show why you’re a great fit for the role as well as why the hiring manager should call you for an interview.


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