My Therapist Online - What is Online therapy? (2023)

We are passionate about enabling people to access the right treatment for their needs, no matter where they are located. Geographic location should not be a barrier to accessing specialised treatment from which people can improve their overall well-being.

Unlike other services, My Therapist Online is are run by qualified therapists. We are a people to people service, we do not use impersonal algorithms to find you the best therapist for your needs. Your registration will be read by a qualified therapist. You will be sent between 1-4 recommendations of the best therapist for our needs.

Unlike other services, we try to meet every therapist we register with us. We know all of our therapists & are very, very proud to have hand selected each & every one. All our therapists have over 3 years (minimum) clinical experience, have a DBS check, are registered & accredited & highly skilled int heir field of expertise.

We will do our very best to find the right therapist for your needs.


The benefits of online therapy are now so much more well known.

Read on to hear what people are saying about their real experiences of online therapy with My Therapist Online.

An extremely convenient way to access high-quality therapy

1. Convenience: One of the main advantages of online therapy is that it allows you to receive treatment from the comfort of your own home. This can be especially helpful for those who have busy schedules or live in remote areas where access to in-person therapy may be limited.

“At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about having therapy online, but I was completely wrong. Online therapy felt very normal and comfortable and I got to do it from the convenience of my own home.” Anonymous

“Practical service, I was satisfied. Online services makes our life much easier, saving time and more convenience” Sam (Feedback about My Therapist Online)

(Video) How Online Therapy Works | What to Expect from Online Counselling

“With the flexibility and convenience of online therapy, I was able to book regular appointments to fit around my busy work/study schedule and occasional travel. My irritability went away and my mood lifted, with noticeable positive results at my job.” Anonymous

I liked the convenience of being able to do the therapy in the evening around the baby, and from my own home so no need to organise a babysitter.” Holly

Access to a specialist

2. Access to a wider range of therapists & specialists: Online therapy platforms often have a wider range of therapists to choose from, which can be helpful for those who have specific needs or preferences.

“Access to specialists in certain aspects of mental health is an invaluable resource. They are not available in all parts of the country, or through our amazing NHS, and so making this resource easily accessible is fantastic.” Peter

“My therapist online is a really fast and straightforward system. I was looking for a specialist for help with my OCD and from filling out the form on the website I was matched with the best therapist for me within a couple of days.” Carys

“Sarah was absolutely brilliant. Very supportive, and clearly experienced in this specialist area. She has completely transformed my life, and given me my life back. I could not be happier with the outcome of my therapy.“ Anonymous (Therapist - Sarah Batty)

I was able to connect with a specialist with the expertise that I was after quickly and efficiently.” BKi (Feedback about My Therapist Online)

"I thought I would have to travel into London to see a specialist in Anxiety Disorders - this has saved me a lot of stress" Ian (OCD - 10 sessions)

Therapy that works around your life

3. Flexibility: Online therapy offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling appointments around busy lifestyles and other commitments. This can also be beneficial for those who have difficulty committing to a regular in-person therapy schedule or who need to switch therapists for any reason.

“I was dubious that online therapy would give you the one to one personal experience. But it works. It is good for busy people with out the flexibility to spend time coming into an office.You can have your session in the comfort of your own home. Minimal stress or fuss to lead you on a path to a better you.” Holly

“With the flexibility and convenience of online therapy, I was able to book regular appointments to fit around my busy work/study schedule and occasional travel. My irritability went away and my mood lifted, with noticeable positive results at my job.” Anonymous

“Online therapy has worked brilliantly for me as it provided the flexibility I needed whilst working abroad and not able to meet during office hours. I couldn't be happier with the overall experience and only wish I had found my way to this therapy years ago.” Anonymous

Less costs involved

4. Cost: Online therapy is often more affordable than in-person therapy, especially if you have to pay for transportation or childcare to attend sessions.

“It is very convenient and this worked for me in many ways - with both work and my social life. I would have had to visit London to get the therapy I needed for my specific phobia and Lisa helped me access the much needed specialised treatment without the cost of travel or the inconvenience of having time off from work.” Beth

“I didn’t need to pay for childcare to access a therapist. I simply had my sessions when the children were in bed, this is invaluable to a single parent needed to access therapy” Sally-Anne

“I have to say, MTO we’re great. It does take the awkwardness of cost direct with the CBT out of the appointment, and the clean basic literature is superb with a very nice warm website and introduction to helping you find the correct therapist for your needs. I found my therapist from a choice of 3 MTO gave me and it couldn’t have worked out better. Thanks MTO” EP

“MTO was a very helpful bunch to work with. I was very well-matched. This was such a good experience of working with a therapist. So many people could benefit from this, you can’t put a price on this timely sort of help.”
Jane (Feedback about My Therapist Online)

Quicker access to therapy

5. No waiting lists: We have no waiting lists at My Therapist online, so can start therapy much quicker than typical clinic-based therapy.

(Video) Dr Ian Scott - Online Counselling Psychologist - My Therapist Online

”My Therapist Online helped me find the right therapist quickly. I saw my therapist for a first call within a week of reaching out to them. A great service. Thank you” (Feedback about My Therapist Online)

My therapist online is an easy-to-use, quick way to find a therapist and get the help you need! I can’t express enough how simple this is! Everyone should try it!” Alex (Feedback about My Therapist Online)

I was able to connect with a specialist with the expertise that I was after quickly and efficiently.” BKi (Feedback about My Therapist Online)

“MTO handled everything perfectly, from quick reply emails to setting up the right therapist to payment etc etc” JKH (Feedback about My Therapist Online)

MTO made my experience stress free, exactly what is needed when your having a tricky time. Professional & helpful. Quick to communicate & couldn’t have made the process any easier. I would recommend them to anyone looking to seek therapy” Sally (Feedback about My Therapist Online)

Super Discreet

6. Anonymity: Some people may feel more comfortable discussing sensitive topics in the privacy of their own home rather than in a public setting. Online therapy can provide a sense of anonymity that can be helpful for those who are not ready to disclose their mental health struggles to others.

“Shari instantly made me feel safe and calm. She explained things clearly and helped me see things in a different way and was always incredibly encouraging, which definitely helped me feel better. I felt I could trust her from the very first session and felt fully supported throughout. She is so kind and patient, I would highly recommend talking to Shari if you feel you need to speak to a therapist, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and feel fully prepared to experience things on my own now.” Molly (Therapist - Shari-Woolley)

“Monique has a warm, friendly and professional approach. I felt safe instantly and over the period of time Monique helped me regain my strength, self belief and joy for life. I have learnt a lot about myself and my family, and developed ways to deal with the struggles I have been experiencing.” Annonymous (Therapist - Monique Howie

“Rachel is truly fantastic, patient and has an innate ability to make you feel safe and secure and she is most importantly, non-judgemental.” Sarah (Therapist - Rachel Kerr-Smith)

“Baanu was absolutely fantastic throughout. She’s very skilled at getting to the bottom of behavioural challenges - when I thought something superficial was a challenge she helped me pick apart situations to really identify the belief or behaviour, why it exists and what I can do to be more aware and in control of my own out puts. At the same time I felt like I was in a safe space and could experiment with my thoughts to identify which tools and ways of thinking would be helpful.” Annabel (Therapist Baanu Baghabani-Irvine)

(Video) Monique - Online Therapist - My Therapist Online

“Although I knew therapy was a step in the right direction, I was apprehensive in finding the right therapist for me. Within minutes of meeting Christina, I knew I was safe and could trust her to help me.” Harriet (Therapist - Christina Theodoridou)

(Video) Unpacking Online Therapy

The evidence base for online therapy is good.

Online therapy is now proven to be highly effective with a growing amount of new research to support it.

There have been several studies that have shown the effectiveness of online therapy in treating various mental health conditions. Some examples of these studies include:

  • Studies have found online therapy to be as effective as the more traditional face-to-face therapy. For example, A study by Dr. Kessler and colleagues (2009) found that CBT was effective for the treatment of depression when delivered online in real time by a therapist. They concluded that "CBT online could be useful in areas where access to psychological treatment is scarce and for patients whose first language is not English. It could make access to psychotherapies more equitable by providing a service to patients in areas or even countries where psychological treatment is not readily available. Real-time online CBT offers the flexibility and responsiveness of face-to-face CBT and is appropriate for people with severe symptoms. It affords an opportunity for reflexion and review as part of the therapeutic process, which could enhance its effectiveness." (p.364).

  • A meta-analysis published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology found that online cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) was effective in treating a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

  • A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that online CBT was effective in treating generalised anxiety disorder and was comparable to in-person CBT in terms of effectiveness.

  • A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that online CBT was effective in treating social anxiety disorder and was associated with significant reductions in anxiety symptoms.

  • A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that online CBT was effective in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and was associated with significant improvements in symptoms.

These studies provide strong evidence that online therapy can be effective in treating a wide range of mental health conditions.


What does online therapy allow you to do? ›

Online therapy refers to psychotherapy or counseling services conducted over the internet. In contrast to in-person therapy, online therapy allows you to connect with a licensed therapist or counselor using any device that has an internet connection, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What does online therapy look like? ›

Online therapy, also called teletherapy or virtual therapy, provides mental health support from any location. Some forms of online therapy include texts, emails, phone calls, and video services. Therapists may offer virtual options directly through their personal practice.

Is online therapy just as effective as in-person? ›

Effectiveness. Research shows that teletherapy provides the same quality of care as traditional therapy. According to the American Psychological Association, teletherapy is just as effective as in-person sessions for treating a wide range of mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety disorders.

How do I get the most out of online therapy? ›

Consider these 7 tips as you make your transition to teletherapy.
  1. Carve out a safe space and intentional time for therapy. ...
  2. Expect some awkwardness at first. ...
  3. Be flexible with the format of your therapy. ...
  4. Lean into the unique parts of telemedicine. ...
  5. In the absence of bodily cues, practice naming your emotions more explicitly.
Mar 25, 2020

Can an online therapist diagnose you? ›

Yes! Online psychiatrists see patients through video, phone, text, or a combination of these options. They can diagnose mental and behavioral health conditions and prescribe medication to help you feel better.

What is not allowed in therapy? ›

Talk about things not related to why you're there. Make sexual comments or advances. Touch you inappropriately. Make plans with you outside the session that don't relate to your mental health.


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